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  • Stans No Tubes Tubeless Alloy Valve Stems


    Spencer in OR

    Not the best design

    These valve stem's don't have the best design. The inside seat that will be inside of your wheel, which butts up against the tape has an odd shape. On my particular wheel the shape did not match the contour of the inside of the wheel as well as other tubeless valve stem's used in past. You can still make it work and seal, but I would plan on perfecting your tape job before installing these for best experience and having to use extra sealant to pool near the valve. These were used with a 30mm ID width, E*thirteen LG1 plus wheel. Other reviews do say that they were designed with Stan's wheels in mind, so I should done some more research, but not something I would have thought to be an issue.

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  • Slime Valve Cores


    Charles in CO

    Must haves to your tire patch kit

    These are a must have to your tire patch kit. Nothing worse than a slow leak because of a bad valve. And if you use tire sealants then you need these even more because the sealants will dry out eventually and can do so in your valve. Cheap insurance.

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  • Muc-Off eBike V2 Tubeless Valves



    Mic-Off tubeless valves

    These are far superior than other valves on the market.

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